Victoria Microlot


Introducing "Victoria" – a coffee as refined and timeless as its namesake, carefully nurtured by the passionate coffee grower Giovanny Cuesta, at the La Victoria farm in the picturesque San Jose, Caldas region.

With a natural process highlighting the beans' full potential, "Victoria" unveils a delightful symphony of flavor notes. Immerse your senses in the rich essence of red berries, reminiscent of a bountiful harvest, and the subtle complexity of red wine, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily ritual.

Balancing medium acidity, "Victoria" offers a delightful zing without overwhelming your taste buds. This medium roast level ensures a well-rounded profile, making it a coffee that satisfies both the seasoned connoisseur and those embarking on their coffee journey.


Flavor: Red Berries, Red Wine, Cherries and Blueberries.

Aroma and fragrance: Cherries

Acidity: Medium

Roast: Medium

Body: Medium-Creamy




Giovvanny Cuesta

Origin Story

Our Victoria Microlot Specialty Coffee is grown In San Jose , Caldas, Colombia. San Jose, Caldas, Colombia, is considered an important region for growing Castillo specialty coffee due to its unique elevation and climate characteristics. Here's why:

  • High altitude (1,600-2,000m) is advantageous for growing Castillo specialty coffee.
  • Cooler temperatures and diurnal temperature variation contribute to nuanced flavor profiles.
  • Diverse topography allows for the cultivation of various coffee flavors.
  • Consistent and adequate rainfall combined with altitude for optimal growing conditions.
  • Embraces specialty coffee varieties like Castillo, known for disease-resistance.

Traditional Coffee Culture: The region has a rich history and tradition in coffee cultivation. Local farmers often employ traditional methods and techniques passed down through generations, contributing to the expertise and care involved in growing high-quality coffee.

From Farm to Community

Small farms deliver their coffee cherries to a local cooperative, where they are pooled and processed together.

Quality Control and Export

The cooperative dries, mills, and grades the coffee beans, ensuring quality and consistency. They then export the beans to international buyers.

Reaching the Roasters

The exporter sells the coffee beans to specialty coffee roasters around the world. Roasters select beans based on their unique flavor profiles.

From Roaster to Your Cup

The roaster roasts the beans to perfection, then sells them to cafes, shops, or directly to consumers. Finally, you get to enjoy a delicious cup of Colombian specialty coffee!


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