El Jardin Geisha Elegance by Jorge Rojas


Embark on a sensory journey with El Jardin's Geisha Elegance, a creation by producer Jorge Rojas from the picturesque town of Planadas, Tolima. Grown at an elevation of 1857 meters, this Geisha Natural undergoes a unique Double Fermentation process, resulting in a coffee that beautifully reflects its origin and meticulous production.

Savor each sip to discover a harmonious symphony of delicate flavors, including red plum, blueberries, and chocolate, complemented by hints of pineapple, peach, and tropical fruits. The cup's complexity is enriched with undertones of honey, lemongrass, and a touch of lemon, creating an elegant and multifaceted tasting experience. The farm, spanning 7 hectares in the high-production coffee region of the western Andes Mountain range, is home to not only Geisha but also Pink Bourbon, Pacamara, Tabi, Caturra, and Yellow varieties.


Flavor: Balanced and floral with notes of ripe cherry, caramel, white chocolate and lime 

Aroma and fragrance: Citric, chocolate.

Acidity: Medium

Roast: Medium

Body: Medium






Jorge Rojas

Origin Story

Planadas is located at a high elevation of 1,700 to 2,200 meters, providing ideal growing conditions for Geisha coffee plants that thrive at altitude.

  • The cool climate from the elevated terrain benefits maturation of coffee cherries, developing complex flavors while maintaining acidity.
  • Diverse microclimates within the region result in Geisha coffee with a range of flavor characteristics.
  • Well-defined wet and dry seasons influence bean development and flavor, with rainfall crucial for plant growth.
  • Geisha varietal known for floral and fruity notes is well-suited to the region's potential for exceptional specialty coffee.

From Farm to Community

Small farms deliver their coffee cherries to a local cooperative, where they are pooled and processed together.

Quality Control and Export

The cooperative dries, mills, and grades the coffee beans, ensuring quality and consistency. They then export the beans to international buyers.

Reaching the Roasters

The exporter sells the coffee beans to specialty coffee roasters around the world. Roasters select beans based on their unique flavor profiles.

From Roaster to Your Cup

The roaster roasts the beans to perfection, then sells them to cafes, shops, or directly to consumers. Finally, you get to enjoy a delicious cup of Colombian specialty coffee!


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