Andean Blend


Presenting the Cunaluna Andean Blend, a meticulously crafted medium-dark roast that encapsulates the spirit of the Andean Mountains in every sip. This exquisite coffee unfolds a captivating symphony of flavors, highlighted by dark chocolate's richness and caramel's indulgent sweetness. With a delightful chocolate aroma, low acidity, and a medium-creamy body, this Colombian blend offers a smooth and luxurious texture, creating a well-balanced and memorable coffee experience. It's a true masterpiece that reflects the essence of the Andean region, where altitude, soil, and climate converge to produce a distinctive and enjoyable cup.


Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Caramel

Aroma and fragrance: Chocolate

Acidity: Low

Body: Medium-Creamy


Castillo, Caturra




Gustavo Valderrama

Origin Story

Our signature Blend is grown in Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

  • Valle del Cauca, Colombia, is ideal for growing Castillo natural coffee due to its diverse elevation range and cooler temperatures at higher altitudes.
  • The region's plentiful rainfall and moderate temperatures create favorable conditions for healthy coffee plant growth.
  • Rich, volcanic soils and a thriving ecosystem contribute to the unique flavors found in Valle del Cauca's coffee beans.

The disease-resistant Castillo variety thrives in the region, providing a more sustainable choice for coffee production.

From Farm to Community

Small farms deliver their coffee cherries to a local cooperative, where they are pooled and processed together.

Quality Control and Export

The cooperative dries, mills, and grades the coffee beans, ensuring quality and consistency. They then export the beans to international buyers.

Reaching the Roasters

The exporter sells the coffee beans to specialty coffee roasters around the world. Roasters select beans based on their unique flavor profiles.

From Roaster to Your Cup

The roaster roasts the beans to perfection, then sells them to cafes, shops, or directly to consumers. Finally, you get to enjoy a delicious cup of Colombian specialty coffee!


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