Familia Campos Roa

Size Options: 12 oz
Style: Wholegrain

The Campos Roa family is made up of Derlín Roa, Diego Campos, and their daughter Sofía Campos Roa. They are all lovers of the countryside and, of course, coffee. Derlín and Diego are children of farmers, so they grew up surrounded not only by coffee plantations but also by rice, cotton, sorghum, and corn crops.

Derlín Roa has not only specialized in the cultivation and administrative skills of coffee but has also trained in coffee preparation, which led her to become the National AeroPress Champion in 2019. Together with Diego, they have laid a solid foundation for their future and Sofía's, thanks to their love for coffee and the countryside. Today, the Campos Roa family runs their own coffee shop in Garzón - Huila. 

Meanwhile, Diego Campos wanted to explore coffee beyond its cultivation to learn how to prepare and serve this beverage. Thanks to his eagerness to learn, discipline, family love, and the teachings of Luis Fernando Vélez, who is considered the founder of Specialty Coffee in Colombia, he has been able to obtain the national title of barismo three times and win the recognition as 'Best Barista in the World' in 2021 in Milan, Italy.






Flavor: Caramel, Vanilla, Almond

Aroma: White Chocolate, Almonds, Red berries

Acidity: Medium Citric

Body: Medium full, Creamy


La Plata, Huila 

Farm: El Diamante 

Elevation: 1.950 MASL