It’s in the delicate world of café where you may have encountered diluted coffee beans or foreign materials – a clear contrast to the pure essence of authentic coffee beans.

Because of your passion for Colombian coffee, the need for single-origin purity is only the surface of the immersive experiencia you expect with each gently brewed cup.

Enter Cunaluna.

In our world, ambrosial, fair-trade coffee isn't just a sip; it's a tapestry of economic equality, sustainability, and the embrace of cultural heritage. 

We pride ourselves in our comunidad. The farm workers who provide our café are compensated equitably for their contributions. They embody the vibrancy and creative spirit that is Colombia. 

As a community-centric company, it’s vital that our coffee showcases the enthusiasm and passion of Colombia through its flavorful notes and undertones. Partake in our specialty coffee, and feel the charm radiate from within you – drawing others in with an enticing magnetism.

The next time you’re brewing a delicate cup of coffee with a book of leisure in hand, know that every probadita is a dedication to treasuring our Colombian heritage.

Elevating Your Coffee Experience

We bridge connections to our roots while we are committed to providing specialty coffee to every Latino in the US.

Our passion is sourcing and roasting the finest beans at origin while connecting the Latino communities here and there.

We are dedicated to the mission of decolonizing the coffee industry by providing quality, sustainability, and inclusivity through specialty coffee.

Voices from the Comunidad

Discover the Cunaluna Difference