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Where do you roast your coffee?

We roast our coffee in Bogotá, Colombia. We are convinced that roasting at origin and in high altitude guarantees the best product.

Is coffee seasonal?

In Colombia, coffee is harvested throughout the year. However, there are two main harvests: A large one called the main harvest and a small one called the "traviesa",  "mitaca," or “Fly crop” which produces approximately one-third of the main harvest. These characteristics allow for fresh coffee to be offered to the world throughout the year.

The exact timing can vary depending on the region and other factors such as weather patterns. 

"In Colombia, there are multiple regions with diverse altitudes, microclimates, temperatures, and geographic conditions. These factors contribute to making Colombia one of the best countries in the world for offering a wide variety of fresh specialty coffees all year long".

Where are you currently sourcing your coffee?

We source ALL our coffee from Colombia

Due to its unique geographic position, Colombia has an environmental advantage in the form of fertile zones where coffee grows. But not only does this benefit coffee, being grown at different altitudes and regions gives it unique and distinctive qualities in the world. 

Generally, coffee grows best in tropical regions that are located within a specific range of latitudes, approximately between the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 degrees north) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 degrees south). This is because coffee plants require a specific combination of temperature, rainfall, and soil conditions to thrive and produce high-quality coffee beans.

Within this range, the specific latitude at which coffee is grown can also affect its quality. For example, higher-altitude coffee farms, which are often found at higher latitudes, may produce coffee with greater complexity and acidity, while lower altitude coffee farms may produce coffee with a heavier body and lower acidity. Additionally, the angle of the sun and the length of the day can vary at different latitudes, which can affect the ripening process of coffee cherries and ultimately the flavor of the coffee beans. Colombia has coffee growing zone located in multiple latitudes offers a wide variety of specialty coffees. 

Main coffee-producing zones in Colombia: Currently, coffee cultivation in Colombia is mainly located on the slopes of its three mountain ranges, and to a lesser extent in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Colombian coffee regions are located in the departments of Antioquia, Boyacá, Caldas, Cauca, Cesar, Caquetá, Casanare, Cundinamarca, Guajira, Huila, Magdalena, Meta, Nariño, Norte de Santander, Quindío, Risaralda, Santander, Tolima, and Valle.

Learn more about our origins here

How do you make sure your farmers are paid fairly?

Through our local partner in Colombia, we maintain a direct relationship with those coffee producers who, with discipline and passion, carry out consistent practices on their farms to produce the highest quality beans. We are committed to working on a transparent monetary structure that ensures the long-term prosperity of the growers and the sustainability of the coffee industry. 

Read more of our local commitment to trade and sustainable practices here

Do you sell decaf coffee?

We will have it soon 

What are flavor profiles and flavor notes? 

Flavor profiles and notes in coffee refer to the various tastes and aromas that can be detected in a particular coffee. These can range from sweet and fruity to nutty and chocolatey and can be influenced by factors such as the origin of the beans, the roast level, and the brewing method.

Coffee flavor profiles are often described using a flavor wheel, which is a visual representation of the various flavors and aromas that can be found in coffee. The wheel typically includes categories such as floral, fruity, nutty, spicy, and chocolatey, and each category may contain more specific descriptors such as citrus, berry, almond, cinnamon, and cocoa.

Coffee notes, on the other hand, are specific flavors or aromas that are detected in a particular coffee. For example, a coffee may have notes of blueberry, caramel, or hazelnut. These notes are often used to describe the flavor profile of a coffee and can be helpful in determining the type of coffee that a person may prefer.

What’s the difference between a blend and a single-origin coffee?

A single-origin coffee is a coffee that comes from a specific geographic region, often from a particular farm or cooperative, and is not mixed with coffee from other regions. This allows coffee lovers to experience the unique characteristics of the coffee from a specific area, such as the flavor profile and aroma. Single origin coffees are often associated with specialty coffee and can be more expensive than blends.

On the other hand, a coffee blend is a mixture of two or more types of coffee beans from different regions, which are blended together to create a unique flavor profile. The goal of blending is to create a consistent flavor profile that appeals to a wide range of coffee drinkers. Blends can be composed of beans from different countries, different regions within a country, or even different roast levels. Blends are often used by larger coffee companies and are more commonly found in supermarkets and cafes than single origin coffees.

In summary, single origin coffees allow coffee lovers to experience the unique flavor characteristics of a specific region, while blends are used to create a consistent flavor profile. Both single origin and blended coffees can be delicious and high quality, but they offer different experiences and are suited to different tastes and preferences.

How do you name your single origin coffees?

We have two types of single origin coffees. Region specific in which we highlight different coffee regions in Colombia and Coffee Grower in which we will source it directly from a unique farm.

You can look at all our single origin coffees here:

How do I brew coffee at home?

We have developed quick guides for pour over, cold brew, AeroPress, espresso, French press, and automatic drip coffee.



How do I know which coffee is right for me?

If you are not sure about what coffee is best for you, we invite you to join our discovery program in which you will have the opportunity to taste different options and decide which one is your favorite one.

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How do I buy wholesale?

Please write us to info@cunaluna.com

Can I place a bulk order?

Yes! Please contact info@cunaluna.com


What is your fulfillment schedule?

In order to serve you with the freshest coffee, we are roasting to order. We roast and ship our coffee every Wednesday, and for that, all orders placed before Tuesdays at 2pm (Colombia Time) will be shipped on Wednesdays. All orderst placed after Tuesdays at 2pm, will move into the next weeks roasting schedule.

How do I receive free shipping?

We always offer free shipping on US orders of $50 and above.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, but will soon. Please write us to info@cunaluna.com

Where can I find shipping updates?

One we confirm your order, you will receive a tracking number that will allow you to check the status of your delivery.

My order shipped but there are no tracking updates. Is my order lost?

Tracking numbers are generated by FEDEX and our local delivery partner, when we create shipping labels, at which point you are notified. Please wait a a few morefor this to update before contacting support.

Can I return my order?

Not at this time. Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.


What are my options for subscriptions?

We have a variety of subscription options based on products, frequency and size. 

You can learn more about the options here

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You have total control over your subscription in the My Subscriptions section of your Account. Cancel, skip orders, or pause your subscription at any time. Important to note that if an order is in progress, any changes will be effective in the next cycle.

Can I skip or pause my upcoming subscription orders?

Yes! If you would like to skip an upcoming order, you can select the "skip order" button in the My Subscriptions section of your Account. If you would like to pause for a longer period of time, you can use the "change date"

How do I change my subscription frequency or quantity?

You can change your subscription frequency and quantity in the My Subscriptions section of your Account.

Can I change my subscription coffee and try something new?

Yes! Once you are in the My Subscriptions section of your account, you will see a drop down menu below the coffee price. You can use this to swap into another option. Please note, current grind selections will apply to your new coffee.

Can I change my subscription coffee size?

Yes! Once you are in the My Subscriptions section of your account, you will see a drop down menu below the coffee price. You can use this to swap into another size of your current selection (12oz, 2 x 12oz or 3 x 12Oz). Please note, current grind selections will apply to your new coffee.

How do I add items to my upcoming subscription order?

You are able to add any item from our site, with the exception of special selection coffees, to your upcoming order. Simply log in to your account before you begin browsing our site. You will see a “Add to my upcoming order” button appear on the product pages.

How do I update my subscription billing or shipping information?

Once you are in the My Subscriptions section of your account, you will see your current billing and shipping information. There is an "edit" link below both that will allow you to update this information.

Can I change my subscription grind setting?

Yes! Please reach out to info@cunaluna.com and we will be happy to help you.