Encanto Blend- Freshly Ground

Size Options: 12 oz

The essence of charm in a cup – our signature blend. Carefully crafted over many years, it's a passionate dance of nature's finest, the labor of dedicated coffee growers, and the artistry of our roasters.

A single sip unveils a sense of nostalgia for the Colombian mountains — a tribute to the indomitable spirit and devoted hands of Colombian coffee farmers surveying the lush, emerald-green coffee fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. The key to true nurturing of our beans.

Close your eyes, and let each sip transport you to the heart of Colombia. Imagine a palatable journey of inherent sweetness, playful citric notes, and a delightful fruity feel — a flavor profile that echoes the tradiciónes of Colombian café.

Savoring the captivating balance of medium acidity — harmonizing with fruity and sweet notes –— you notice Encanto’s medium body, dressed in a creamy texture.

Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Red Berries, Cherries, and Blueberries

Elevate your palate with a fusion of dark chocolate, caramel, and the lively notes of red berries, cherries, and blueberries. Your desire for sweet and fruity, bright cravings are met in this world of luscious flavors. 

Aroma and Fragrance: Chocolate and Red Berries

Uncover the intoxicating aroma of chocolate and red berries — an enticing and captivating fragrance. Give yourself the gift of personal relaxation and personal well being.

Acidity: Low - Medium

Savor the low - medium acidity  — a gentle touch brushing your taste buds. Perfect for your appeal to a more subdued and straightforward flavor.

Body: Medium - Creamy

Immerse yourself in the medium creamy body —  a feeling of luxury that glides across your palate. It provides enough substance, while also maintaining a level of lightness that keeps the coffee from being overly heavy.



Encanto's blend boasts Castillo, Colombian coffee resistant to common plant diseases  — especially coffee leaf rust. Join a comunidad committed to sustainable coffee cultivation.


Experience crisp and refreshing notes with a sweet, pleasant, and well-balanced dimension. Perfect for your next business meetings, parche, or casual conversations —  an invitation to savor the moments no matter where you are.

Witness Our Ritual

Mix of Washed + Natural

An excellent blend when you appreciate the brightness of washed coffee and the joy of sweetness in natural coffee.

Proud Producer

Gustavo Valderrama

Please welcome Gustavo Valderrama Tascon — a hard working Caleño holding the prestigious Q GRADER version 4.1 license. He stands as a respected member acknowledged by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

Over the past decade, Gustavo has engaged himself in the exploration of the sensory wonders of the Colombian coffee realm.. His dedication extends beyond the cup — delving into the intricate nuances shaped by the growth and roasting processes. On his journey, he uncovers the secrets behind obtaining exotic flavors and captivating aromas unique to Colombian coffee.

Gustavo's influence extends globally — marking his presence at major international events. His expertise isn't confined to tasting alone; he takes on the responsibility of crafting and nurturing international coffee brands, earning them exceptional recognition.

The Inception of Our Signature Blend

Origin: Valle de Cauca 

Elevation: 1.200 - 2.100 MASL

Encanto blossoms in the heart of Valle de Cauca, Colombia — a place where the love and appreciation for coffee is met with Valle de Cauca’s rich terrain.We create the perfect canvas for our Encanto blend by nurturing it in Valle de Cauca’s diverse elevations and cooled breath of higher altitudes.

  • Valle del Cauca, Colombia, is ideal for growing Castillo natural coffee due to its diverse elevation range and cooler temperatures at higher altitudes
  • The region's plentiful rainfall and moderate temperatures create favorable conditions for healthy coffee plant growth.
  • Rich, volcanic soils and a thriving ecosystem contribute to the unique flavors found in Valle del Cauca's coffee beans.

From Farm to Community

Small farms deliver their coffee cherries to a local cooperative, where they are pooled and processed together.

Quality Control and Export

The cooperative dries, mills, and grades the coffee beans, ensuring quality and consistency. They then export the beans to international buyers.

Reaching the Roasters

The exporter sells the coffee beans to specialty coffee roasters around the world. Roasters select beans based on their unique flavor profiles.

From Roaster to Your Cup

The roaster roasts the beans to perfection, then sells them to cafes, shops, or directly to consumers. Finally, you get to enjoy a delicious cup of Colombian specialty coffee!

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