Región Huila

Size Options: 12 oz
Grind Option: Grind

Huila, a breathtaking department nestled in the heart of Colombia, is a true haven of natural wonders and cultural richness. This enchanting region boasts an abundance of beauty, and at its very core lies the magnificent birthplace of the legendary Magdalena River. Flowing majestically through the emerald-green valleys and towering mountains, the river bestows upon Huila an unparalleled charm. The captivating landscapes of this region are adorned with cascading waterfalls, verdant coffee plantations, and serene lakes, offering a picturesque setting that captivates the soul.

The department of Huila is home to more than 83,000 families who cultivate 144,895 hectares of Arabica coffee of the Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Típica, Borbón, and Tabí varieties.

The coffee grown in the Huila department is considered high-altitude because, on average, it is located at 1,600 meters above sea level. Its cup profile is characterized by a fruity taste with notes of caramel, citrus acidity, and a round, creamy, balanced, and clean body.




Flavor: Cherry - Blackberry

Aroma: Caramel - Lemongrass

Acidity: Red Berries

Body: Medium - Creamy