Luisa Guaragna

Size Options: 12 oz
Grind Option: Grind
Luisa Guaragna grows her coffee in Ciénaga, Magdalena; the same municipality where her parents bought a 27-hectare farm over 62 years ago. This farm has nine (9) hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation and 10 hectares of virgin forests, providing a balanced environment for growing coffee.

The success of Luisa's farm is partly due to the abundance of tall eucalyptus trees that provide shade to the coffee plants. The "El Águila" creek originates here and supplies the water used by the coffee farm, as well as drinking water for an entire community. This water resource is used in the coffee process, which is then treated to avoid contaminating the farm and the environment.

The Sierra Nevada is a special ecosystem in Colombia, as it is a high mountain range independent of the Andes with its own unique attributes. This produces very special and distinct flavors in its coffees, different from the rest of Colombia.





Flavor: Nuts, Walnut, Almond, and Brown Sugar

Aroma: Nuts and Walnut

Acidity: Short, delicate citrus, lime

Body: Light and silky


Origin: Ciénaga - Magdalena

Farm: San Judas Tadeo

Altitude: 1443 meters above sea leve